Our Technology

With over 20 years of dedicated R&D in PEM technology, Proton OnSite has been able to offer dynamic solutions for on-site gas generation in practical and cost-effective methods for laboratory markets.

The Story of Our Technology

Where We Started

Our team has the technical depth to develop products from the basic material building blocks to commercial maturity.

Our engineering organization includes engineers of multiple disciplines, materials scientists and electrochemists.

The company has a dedicated research and development organization which focuses on next generation technologies and products.

We collaborate with a wide network of technical partners, from research institutions to manufacturers, all over the country and around the world.

Cell Componet Microstructure Analysis
Cell Componet Microstructure Analysis
What Developed

from these fundamental strengths we design highly reliable electrolyzers from the ground up, starting with components and materials.

We integrate these components into our cell stack designs, leveraging competencies in modeling and analytical testing. Finally, the electrolyzer systems are developed around the cell stack, at scales from watts to megawatts.

Assembled Cell Stacks
Assembled Cell Stacks
Why It Matters

These capabilities have resulted in our strong field history and demonstrated 10 year stack life. Of all the cell stacks we have fielded since 2006, over 95% of them are still in operation.

Our gas generation systems go through a rigorous in-house testing process, each cell stack design has logged hundreds of thousands of testing hours. Strategic advancements to our technology have afforded stacks greater than 60,000 hours of continuous operation with no appreciable voltage decay.

10 Year Cell Stack Life
10 Year Cell Stack Life
Where Are We Going

Our continuing portfolio of development projects provide the vision for next generation electrolyzer as well as related products.

This research leads to new opportunities driven by higher efficiencies, lower costs and higher pressures. We also continue to explore new markets and technologies )i.e. flow batteries and the generation of other fuels).

Committed to continuous improvements and the advancement of our core technology, Proton OnSite will continue to commercialize gas generation solutions that afford our customers unparalleled reliability. We strive to transform technology and provide innovative products that redefine reliability.

Create the Future

Our on-site gas generators redefine reliability.