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We understand that leadership, expertise and innovation go a long way. Manufacturing quality gas generation solutions, our "Proton family" is dedicated to offering safe, high impact gas generators that customers can rely on. Join us empower your future, today.

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As the leader in on-site hydrogen generation, Proton OnSite is the largest manufacturer of hydrogen generators across the globe.

Founded in 1996, we are proud to offer advanced PEM electrolysis technology expertise and leverage this experience to design the most reliable systems in the world. Our vast installed base and world-class technical support coverage on every continent is unparalleled. It is that dedication to excellence that allows Proton OnSite to continue to foster a strong network of lasting relationships with customers. With a product line of gas generation solutions that meet projects of almost unlimited capacity, Proton OnSite's hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators can supply gas at volumes of 200 cc/min to 1.05 Nm3 /hr +.

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Our expertise with PEM Technology is only the beginning. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of science and redefining reliablity.