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Metal Injection Molding

A form of metalworking that uses finely-powdered metal and a binding agent to precisely "inject" metal in order to create complex and precise metal-based products in one operation. The feedstock, composed of metal and binding agent, are fed through plastic processing equipment.

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Meteorology or Meteorological Uses (Met)

Able to be used in weather-related systems or for meteorological purposes. Proton OnSite hydrogen gas generators are often used to fill weather balloons cheaply and effectively. Using other expensive and high demand gases such as helium can be costly over time and deplete a natural reserve.

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Methanation (Methanisation)

The derivation of methane from digesting organic matter, in the absence of air or oxygen. Hydrogen can increase the conversion rate to methane from 60% to 95% in certain reactors.

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Microbial Fuel Cell

A bio-electrochemical fuel cell that drives a current using bacteria and by mimicking bacterial processes and interactions that can be found naturally.

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Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition is a technique used for growing crystalline layers into multilayer structures. In this process, UHP gases are used to deposit a very thin layer of atoms onto a semiconductor wafer. MOCVD allows professionals to produce materials with specific optical and electrical properties through the build up of many layers with precise levels of thickness.


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A serial communication protocol that is used to connect one, or multiple industrial electronic devices. Serial communication allows for the transmission of data between many devices connected to the same device or network.

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Modular Design (C, H, M Series) 

An approach to design that subdivides a larger system into smaller parts often referred to as skids or modules. The skids can be independently created and/or used in different systems. Frequently, generators with modular designs can be altered to have a higher output by adding another "module." 

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Natural Gas Reforming

Natural gas reforming includes various types of gas reformation techniques that produce hydrogen from existing natural gases. Hydrogen produced from this process is referred to as brown hydrogen due to the high GHG emissions generated.

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Nitrogen Blanketing

Nitrogen can be used to purge heat treat furnaces and reflow solder baths which prevents oxidation of the metal surface and minimizes dross generation. Nitrogen is often used to blanket furnaces to eliminate oxygen. This is done because of oxygen’s tendency to react with certain metals when it’s at a high temperature. Applications that require oxygen free environments include neutral hardening, carbonizing, carbon nitriding, and tempering. Nitrogen is also used as an assist gas to help the processing of materials by laser cutting.

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