Celebrating National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day!

It is no surprise Proton OnSite was particularly excited to celebrate National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day; hydrogen is the core of our business.

Originated to help raise awareness of a clean energy technology, National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day was created to start a conversation about the many commercial uses of hydrogen. However, it is important to remember that hydrogen is not limited to serve only renewable energy storage applications. Rather, there are a variety of industries worldwide that require this gas for operation. With that in mind, Proton OnSite decided to highlight one of the other markets our business supports, laboratory testing.

As the leader in on-site hydrogen generation, we feel it is critical that the public understands the vast applications that our hydrogen generators serve. Be it laboratories, industrial operations or energy storage applications, on-site hydrogen generators are safe, reliable gas sources that enhance process performance.

This year in observance of National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, and the commercial hydrogen activity that Proton OnSite aids, we decided to offer our network a sneak peek at an upcoming hydrogen presentation.

Centered around the demand for hydrogen in laboratory applications, "Hydrogen for FID and GC Analyses" illustrates how this gas enables Flame Ionization Dectors (FID) and gas chromatography (GC) equipment to operate with consistent results. Further, our presentation details the many benefits associated with employing on-site hydrogen generators.

Check out our sneak peek here: Show me

Interested in viewing the complete presentation? Join us at the Gulf Coast Conference in Houston, Texas this week. Visit Room 370 E, Proton OnSite will be speaking about hydrogen generators for laboratory testing at 3:45 PM on Oct. 11th. You can also, visit our booth (stand 425) to talk with a hydrogen expert directly!