Investing in the Future

Darien High School's (Darien, CT) Principles of Engineering team recently hosted their annual Energy Symposium.  This day long event is designed to feature thought-leaders and companies in the field of alternative and renewable energy. Those invited, present about the future of clean energy to the Darien High School students, staff and community.  The speakers are encouraged to address their contributions and discoveries, products, inventions and research in the field. 

Proton OnSite's Larry Moulthrop, Vice President of Hydrogen Systems,  was one of many talented guest speakers to present at the Energy Symposium.  Mr. Moulthrop spoke to the Principles of Engineering team, and community attendees, about the importance of electrochemistry careers and how advances in electrolysis technology are being used to support renewable applications around the world. In fact, students were excited to learn that Connecticut-based Proton OnSite,  is home to an operationalhydrogen fueling station.

Further, leaders in clean energy fueling were invited to showcase their vehicles  to students passing by. This interactive experience was especially beneficial to the students participating in Darien High School's Principles of Engineering program, as they are scheduled to compete (the group will be entering a hydrogen fuel cell car) at the Shell Eco-marathon in Detroit later this year.

No stranger to competition,  the Principles of Engineering team has also attended the International Maker Faire, in New York and won 4 awards. Proton OnSite was proud to participate in Darien High School's Annual Energy Symposium. It is our belief that investing time and resources into students is key to the advancement of technology and the sciences. We are confident that these students will make significant future contributions to the workforce. 


About the Speaker:

Larry Moulthrop, is the Vice President of Hydrogen Systems at Proton OnSite. Mr. Moulthrop is a system development professional and chemical engineer with over 35 years experience in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) based electrolysis systems, fuel cell systems, and hydrogen fueling.   In 1996, Mr. Moulthrop co-founded Proton OnSite to commercialize PEM water electrolysis and PEM regenerative fuel cell products. Currently, Mr. Moulthrop works with Proton's engineering and application teams to refine existing, and develop new, packaged hydrogen generator systems for vehicle fueling, renewable energy capture, telecom backup power, military applications, and other hydrogen system solutions.