Let's Talk Nitrogen Lab Servers


Laboratories conducting Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) testing require high purity nitrogen for their operations. Lab Managers have a choice of either sourcing delivered nitrogen, or opting for an on-site nitrogen gas generator. Delivered nitrogen is delivered by truck and stored on-site in liquid nitrogen dewars or gaseous nitrogen high pressure cylinders. Opting for the use of delivered nitrogen carries the risk of injury to personnel and/or asphyxiation. Labs that rely on delivered nitrogen are also vulnerable to supply interruptions and price increases. Labs require their employees to manage the deliveries of liquid or high pressure nitrogen, and the physical act of swapping dewars or cylinders safely. Swapping dewars or cylinders is a grueling and hazardous job. Every time a cylinder or dewar is swapped out, contaminants are introduced into the system. A typical LCMS Analyzer requires approximately 800-1000 liters of nitrogen per day, so if a lab operating 6 LCMS Analyzers ran continuously 24/7, they would require a dewar change out every 10-15 days or a cylinder change out every day and a half.


By opting for on-site nitrogen generation lab managers can stabilize and reduce their monthly overhead, while increasing employee productivity, safety, and nitrogen purity. On-site nitrogen generators use membrane or PSA technology to separate the nitrogen out of the air on demand. Lab personnel no longer need to swap nitrogen dewars or cylinders, and are no longer exposed to the risk of nitrogen asphyxiation.

Switching from delivered gas to an on-site nitrogen gas supply is a no brainer for most lab managers. Small generators offer a pure, consistent, and safe supply of nitrogen, but for large laboratories that have multiple LCMS Systems, switching to on-site gas generators can be a difficult decision. A large lab may have many LCMS systems, which would require many small generators to meet the full demand of carrier gas requirements, and that can be an expensive proposition.

Instead of using multiple small nitrogen generators, labs can install a single nitrogen lab server. A nitrogen lab server is a centralized on-site gas generator that serves multiple LCMS systems. Nitrogen lab servers can serve multiple labs and can be integrated into your labs existing infrastructure within hours. Nitrogen lab servers replace the heavy, dangerous nitrogen dewars and cylinders, eliminating the liability, and the employee labor costs associated with managing nitrogen supplies.

Proton OnSite’s N250M and N400M are high capacity on-site nitrogen generators that are designed to serve multiple LCMS systems simultaneously. The N250M/ N400M generators utilize membrane technology to produce high purity nitrogen from external compressed air sources. A single N400M supplies LCMS grade nitrogen at a 400 SLPM flowrate and can serve 10-20 LCMS systems depending on flow rate requirements. A single N250M supplies LCMS grade nitrogen at 250 SLPM and can serve up to 5-15 LCMS systems depending on flow rate requirements. The N250M and N400M are a robust, reliable, and affordable solution for any lab looking to secure its nitrogen supply, improve lab safety, and employee productivity.

For over 20 years, we have manufactured on-site gas generators customers can rely on. We have installed over 2600 units in more than 75 countries and are proud to serve a variety of lab applications, including LCMS and GCMS testing, as well as diverse industrial & energy storage applications across the globe.