Let's Talk Power to Gas (P2G)

Power to gas (P2G) is the concept of converting electricity into a gas usually hydrogen, and utilizing that gas in a way to create the highest monetary value. Power to gas technology uses Alkaline or Proton® PEM hydrogen electrolyser technology to transform excess electricity into hydrogen. This hydrogen can be used in industrial processes, as a fuel, or converted to methane creating a renewable natural gas. The power to gas concept will be a keystone technology in the hydrogen economy because it takes excess renewable energy from wind solar and hydroelectric generation facilities and converts it into hydrogen a 100% green gas.

Green hydrogen can be sold and blended into natural gas. Natural gas infrastructure is already in place in most areas and it has the potential to store large amounts of green hydrogen.  Hydrogen can be blended into natural gas in concentrations of 5% -15%. Mixing low concentrations of hydrogen gas into natural gas helps offset carbon emissions for end users and does affect equipment designed for natural gas. Hydrogen can also be converted into methane gas through a biomethanation process. Biomethanation is a process that converts organic material microbiologically under anaerobic conditions to biogas. After hydrogen is converted into methane it can be sold as a renewable natural gas.

Selling green hydrogen as a fuel for fuel cell cars is another great way to create profits from renewable energy assets. Consumers will pay a premium for green hydrogen over hydrogen produced via SMR. Green hydrogen can be sold to fueling stations locally or transported via ship or pipeline to the highest bidder. Hydrogen is used in many industrial processes and can be sold and distributed to local customers for a profit. Some industrial processes require high purity gas, hydrogen produced via Proton® PEM electrolysis is extremely pure, and does not require filtration.

Power to gas technology ie hydrogen electrolysers enable renewable energy asset owners to create value from their excess and otherwise wasted electricity and become a gas supplier.  Click here to learn more about hydrogen electrolysers from Nel Hydrogen.