Nel ASA Enters into Agreement to Build Two Demo and Up to Sixteen Hydrogen Fueling Stations with Nikola Motor Company

Nel Fueling Dispenser and Nikola One Truck

Nikola Motor Company (Nikola Motor) has awarded a USD 3.6 million contract to Nel ASA to build two demo hydrogen fueling stations. Construction for the two stations is set to start in the second half of 2018.  The two demo fueling stations will supply 1 ton/day of hydrogen to Nikola Motor’s prototype hydrogen trucks, and serve as a design verification for Nel’s large-scale station concept. The initial order of the demo fueling stations is part of a larger plan for Nel to provide Nikola Motor Company with up to sixteen large-scale stations with a capacity of up to 32 tons/day of hydrogen.

Nel A Series Electrolyzer
Nel A Series Electrolyzer

Nel is the world’s largest hydrogen fueling station manufacturer and provides a full suite of hydrogen fueling solutions.  The Nikola Motor’s fueling stations will be supplied with hydrogen generated by Nel’s A485 electrolyzers. Each Nel A485 electrolyzer can produce up to 485 Nm3/hr of hydrogen. Each of the sixteen large-scale stations would employee a cluster concept, where eight (scalable to 32) Nel A485 Electrolyzers are integrated into one unit, sharing a balance of plant.  

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Nikola for a joint endeavor to develop mega-scale hydrogen fueling stations based on our new cluster design, which leverages Nel’s highly scalable electrolyzers in order to reduce the cost of hydrogen and achieve price parity with fossil fuels.”  says Jon André Løkke, Chief Executive Officer of Nel.

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