Nel Hydrogen is Helping to Provide Energy Resilience to a Nature Preserve in Wisconsin

Nel Hydrogen recently partnered with Faith Technologies and Schneider Electric, to supply a C10 hydrogen generator and tank package for an innovative microgrid project at Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve in Appleton, Wisconsin. The microgrid will provide a sustainable and resilient source of power to the 775-acre nature preserve and it’s 18,000 square foot environmental center.  The project is a first of its kind, in that several electrical generation and storage technologies, including solar PV, microturbine, CHP, lithium ion battery, and hydrogen energy storage will all be operated as an optimized system via a sophisticated microgrid controller.

 Hydrogen Storage Tank

Nel Hydrogen’s C10 electrolyzer will capture available energy from the microgrid to produce and store hydrogen in a 2,000 gallon tank. This stored energy will ultimately be dispatched back to the microgrid to provide power when battery storage is depleted, and when other sources of generation are not available. 

C10 Electrolyser

Check out this video about the Faith Technologies and Schneider Electric Microgrid Project at Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve in Appleton, Wisconsin.



Nel Hydrogen is proud to provide an enabling technology for one of the most advanced and innovative microgrids in the world, and appreciates the opportunity to work with world class partners like Faith Technologies and Schneider Electric. For more information on Nel Hydrogen electrolysers visit