New Hydrogen Filling Station Contributes To Energy Transition

Proton OnSite contributes technology for the development of a new Shell hydrogen filling station in Hamburg, Schnackenburgallee.

With the ceremonial opening of its new hydrogen filling station in Hamburg, Schnackenburgallee, the Shell company declares its commitment to the development of a hydrogen infrastructure in Germany and worldwide. For Shell it is the third station nationwide for hydrogen and the first where the H2 is produced on site. Other Shell H2 stations in Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Geisingen and Wendingen are soon to follow. "But our plans go further," announced Dr. Peter Blauwhoff, Chairman and CEO, Shell Oil Germany GmbH, Hamburg. Shell is participating in the new H2Mobility Initiative - together with Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV and TOTAL, - a massive expansion of the public hydrogen infrastructure, with 17 respective petrol stations currently. The goal is a network of some 400 H2 filling stations by the year 2023. Electric vehicles with fuel cells can then refuel in Germany.

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