Proton OnSite Celebrates 20 Years!

This Tuesday, Proton OnSite marked a special milestone. Proudly celebrating the company's 20th anniversary, a picnic was held featuring a local food truck, giveaways, and a fashionable Proton-themed cake. Former employees, and current business partners alike, collaborated to participate in the celebration. Proton OnSite staff watched a video montage of fond memories, congratulatory sentiments and well wishes from the local community, and the company's partners & friends across the globe. It was a humbling observance shared by all, recognizing just how many lives have been touched by the "Proton family" over the past two decades.

President and CEO, Robert Friedland, took attendees on a walk down memory lane- discussing how far the company has come since its inception in the basement of founding team members' homes. Most were especially tickled to learn that a staple at these introductory gatherings was a good ole' bag of chips and big bowl of salsa. Brought to fruition from modest beginnings, hard work and a strong stock of snack food, August 16th 1996 marked the launch of this ground-breaking company.  Initially established as Proton Energy Systems, Inc. (currently doing business as Proton OnSite) the company was founded by current staff members Robert Friedland and Larry Moulthrop, along with additional partners.

In it's infancy, Proton Energy Systems, Inc. (PES) set out to bring on-site hydrogen generation into the commercial marketplace. This was a task some may have considered challenging, because at the time not many stakeholders, in the industrial applications PES targeted, were aware of the many benefits on-site gas generation offers. Rather, industrial applications including power plants, heat treating, semiconductor and materials processing operations tended to source their gas supply demands through delivered or stored hydrogen. However, there were, and still are, many hassles associated with delivered gases.

Eliminating the bother of delivered gas, on-site gas generation is an attractive solution to industrial gas supply. Armed with an appealing value proposition, PES successfully penetrated many industries across the globe. Over time, PES grew into what is now recognized as Proton OnSite. Proton OnSite's hydrogen generators electrolyze water to produce high purity hydrogen in a safe, convenient and reliable manner to best serve large scale industrial applications. As time went on, the company expanded on its electrolysis expertise to manufacture not only hydrogen, but nitrogen and zero air gas generators as well. Today, Proton OnSite’s business model surpasses the expectations of what the founders imagined the company to be. Proton OnSite continues to thrive, developing dynamic gas generation solutions that drive the future of the commercial marketplace. The company's commitment to excellence and quality has proven to speak for itself. As the leader in on-site gas generation, Proton OnSite now serves a broad set of industrial, laboratory and energy storage applications worldwide. 

One thing is for sure, if these past 20 years are any inclination, Proton OnSite has a bright future ahead. Thank you to all those who have supported the success and growth of our "Proton family." This is just the beginning. Cheers to 20 years!