Proton OnSite Presents: Hydrogen Energy at NEF 2016

The desire to reduce traditional fossil fuel usage, environmental degradation and health concerns, drive a growing need for sustainable green energy. Renewables, aided by improved technology and productivity, offer a promising future for energy production. Leveraging large-scale investments and significant contributions from the technical community, many companies are positioning themselves on the forefront of the green initiative.

It is not only industry leading organizations that have a vested interest in the development of green energy. The topic of sustainability has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Stakeholders, and the public alike, are finding new ways to apply renewable hydrogen across the globe. Hydrogen is well suited to support renewable applications such as ammonia production, refining, and biogas processing. Additionally, hydrogen is widely used to facilitate energy storage projects and manage renewable energy sources on the electrical grid.  

Entering its 6th year, New Energy Forum (NEF) provides a platform for professionals around the world to exchange state-of-the-art research and commercialization opportunities in the field of renewable energy. NEF 2016 gathers researchers from academia, professionals from industry and government officials, who are dedicated to the advancement of sustainable energy production. At the event, stakeholders tackle energy challenges and exchange best practices about improved energy technologies and cooperation. The theme of this year's forum is,“The Light of Hope for Future Energy.” Hosted in Goyang City, South Korea, this conference fosters meaningful strides in sustainability. 

NEF 2016 features 6 professional forums including Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Geothermal Energy, Nuclear Energy and Hydropower & Marine Energy. Recent breakthroughs and successes in these fields will be addressed in each particular session. Participants will moderate discussions about these respective renewable energy sources. 

Actively involved at the event, Mr. David Bow, Senior Vice President of Sales, Service and Marketing at Proton OnSite, will chair a Hydrogen Energy forum discussing, "Innovative Hydrogen Production and Hydrogen Storage Systems."

As the world leader in on-site gas generation, manufacturing and supplying the most advanced hydrogen generation systems available today, Proton OnSite is proud to contribute to the future of green hydrogen initiatives.

A complete agenda for NEF 2016 can be found at: