Proton OnSite Presents: Renewable Hydrogen

Renewable hydrogen is a vital tool in the transition from fossil fuel use to sustainable solutions that reduce carbon dioxide production.  As an intermediary between primary energy sources and end products, hydrogen is well suited to support chemical processes such as ammonia production, refining, and biogas processing, and currently is largely produced by the reforming of natural gas. Due to hydrogen's end-use flexibility, it is key to facilitating energy storage projects and managing renewable energy sources on the electrical grid. 

Hydrogen generated via electrolysis can make a strong environmental impact on many industries, while also improving utilization of intermittent renewable energy sources (such as wind and solar) by leveraging otherwise stranded resources. Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis is favorably applicable to energy capture because of its wide dynamic range and ability to quickly ramp up and down from near zero output to full capacity.

One thing is clear, the public is becoming increasingly interested in the application of renewable hydrogen and the science behind this technology. Proton OnSite, the global leader in hydrogen generation and innovative gas solutions, is the appropriate outfit to address this fascination. Recently invited to present about renewable hydrogen at 229th Electrochemical Society Meeting in San Diego, CA., our colleague Dr. Katherine Ayers, will lead two sessions at the event: 

  1. "Renewable Hydrogen: Near Term Solutions & Long Term Potential" 
  • An introduction to electrolysis
  • Electrolysis reliability & maturity
  • Hydrogen markets
  • Synergy with energy storage
  • PEM electrolysis status
  • AEM electrolysis options


2.  "The Role of Renewable ‪Hydrogen in Sustainable Manufacturing" 

  • Electrolysis background
  • Hydrogen & sustainability–connection to the CO2 problem
  • Materials & manufacturing challenges– realities of scale
  • Technology successes
  • Conclusions &  thoughts for the future


Actively involved at the event, Dr. Ayers will also participate in ECS's,"Panel of Professionals: Career Exploration in the Electrochemical and Solid State Science and Technology" (a forum where professionals from industry, academia and government discuss the unique opportunities and challenges of pursuing a career in their chosen field). A complete agenda for the  229th Electrochemical Society Meeting can be found here:


About the Speaker:

Katherine Ayers is VP of Research and Development at Proton OnSite overseeing cell stack and R&D groups, with responsibility for development and execution of Proton's research and advanced technology strategy.  Dr. Ayers joined Proton OnSite in 2007 as Manager of Electrochemical Research and has a strong history of executing programs funded by U.S. federal agencies including the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, USDA, Department of Energy, and ARPA-E.  She also manages many of Proton's external research collaborations with leading universities and national labs, and often serves as a technical expert for government review panels and workshops.  Dr. Ayers currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards for 2 major DOE-funded consortiums: the JCAP Energy Innovation Hub and Center for Molecular Catalysis EFRC. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry/Chemical Physics at University of California, San Diego, and her Ph.D. in Chemistry with Professor Nathan Lewis at the California Institute of Technology.