Proton OnSite Talks Hydrogen On Hawaiian Livestream Show

ThinkTech Hawaii, a non-profit corporation that streams live talk shows, welcomedProton OnSite President and CEO, Robert Friedland, this past week. Dedicated to “promoting technology, energy, diversification and globalism to the community,” the show regularly covers sustainable subject matter on air. ThinkTech showed a keen interest in discussing recent developments in the hydrogen economy.   

Hydrogen, a staple of today's green initiative, has played a critical role in substantiating new gas generation applications and the future of sustainable energy solutions. The origin of the current hydrogen market stemmed from the introduction of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis technology.  

In an episode titled, “Today’s Hydrogen Push,” ThinkTech host, Stan "The Energy Man” Osserman, interviewed Mr. Friedland  about Proton OnSite's unique business model. Further, their discussion addressed the history and highlights associated with the emergence of hydrogen and electrolysis for commercial use in the global marketplace. 

Later, Osserman and Friedland discussed how hydrogen has become a hot topic for energy enthusiasts due, in part, to the growing popularity of green transportation. The push for fuel cell vehicles and renewable fueling has enticed many reputable automobile manufacturers to become stakeholders in the hydrogen fuel cell economy. Companies such as Toyota, Honda and Hyundai, in particular, have taken aggressive stances on the importance of electrolysis technology. Through the production of fuel cell vehicles, these automobile manufacturers are driving (no pun intended), the hydrogen fueling infrastructure. 

Friedland has spearheaded the development of electrolysis technology in the commercial marketplace for quite some time. Founding Proton OnSite in 1996, Friedland and a group of prior United Technologies Aerospace Systems employees, developed electrochemical systems for life support on submarines. Experience with electrolyzers sparked their interest in identifying the commercial uses of hydrogen. The group set out to establish a company that would provide safe and reliable gas generation solutions to suit the evolving hydrogen market.  

Currently positioned as the leader in on-site gas generation, Proton OnSite continues to remain on the forefront of electrolysis innovation. The company now features a comprehensive suite of hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators. Exhibiting an impressive install base of over 2500 units worldwide, Proton OnSite is committed to understanding and supporting the growth of gas generation technology. Serving a plethora of laboratory, industrial and energy storage related applications, Proton OnSite is revolutionizing the future of on-site gas generation.