Proton Presents: Food, Beer & Cannabis Seminar

Proton OnSite is excited to participate in PerkinElmer’s Food, Beer and Cannabis Analytical Testing Seminar today. Hosted in Seattle, the event focuses on specific testing requirements related to food, beer and cannabis labs in the Pacific North West. Attendees will learn about the latest advancements in analytical testing, lab technologies, best practices, and methodologies. Continuous education on these topics is critical to meet changing regulations, and we are passionate about acting as a resource!

Featuring short presentations from key industry drivers, PerkinElmer has quite a line-up of product experts (in the areas of Chromatography, Organic and Inorganic Mass Spectroscopy, and Infrared Spectroscopy) ready to address the crowd.

Check out the agenda:


Pay special mind to the presentation taking place at 3:30pm. Proton OnSite will present about the many advantages of on-site gas generation. Our hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators are safe, reliable and easy to install and operate. Developed to meet the diverse needs of laboratory applications worldwide, the units handle processes of varied scale, by producing lab gas on-demand at consistent purities. 

Attend this insightful seminar today! Register here: Show me details