The Secret to Saving Lab Space

Analytical laboratory professionals are familiar with the problems associated with relying on delivered gas such as cylinders and dewars. Space is a particular point of contention, as these gas supply methods are often cumbersome and of considerable size.

On-site gas generation is an alternative solution to eliminate such concerns. Streamlining labs across the globe, on-site gas generators are being employed to satisfy laboratory hydrogen requirements and conserve valuable space. 

In addition to occupying a small footprint, there are many advantages to on-site gas generators. From safety to cost, efficiency, and reliability, on-site gas generation is a far better option for supplying labs with the hydrogen they demand.

Small labs can meet their needs for a pure, constant, and safe supply of hydrogen with bench-top generators, but using many small generators is not an economically viable option for large lab facilities that operate tens to hundreds of gas chromatographs. Large laboratory facilities looking to take advantage of the benefits of on-site hydrogen generation can install a single, larger hydrogen generator and plumb it into each lab as a ‘Lab Server’, capable of providing a stream of gas at the flick of a switch, anywhere in the building.

Proton OnSite’s large Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers are the only generators with the ability to run as a Lab Server. One S Series generator can supply up to 200 GCs with ultra high purity hydrogen gas that can be maintained, managed, and monitored from a single source, ensuring constant pressure, flow, and purity throughout the building.