350 MW Power Plant Improves Performance with On-Site Hydrogen Generation


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Power Plant



The Challenge

At this particular location in Venezuela, there was an extreme shortage of third party suppliers to meet gas demand. The plant was seeking a reliable source of hydrogen for their operation and was tired of the back and forth of gas delivery. The plant staff were interested in on-site gas generation, but lacked the knowledge about how to best fit a generator for their process. 

The Solution

The Proton OnSite provided two S40 hydrogen generators was needed to keep the two GE 7FA Gas Turbine Generator packages operational at the plant site. The gas generation solutions worked very well and the Proton team was able to successfully educate the customer while providing the necessary support related to the installation of the equipment (install into a container and field support during the startup of the equipment). Overall the end customer was very pleased with making the switch to on-site gas generators. We are happy to report that the customer noted there have been no outages due to a problem with this equipment to date.