Power Plant Saves $2.3 MM Annually with On-Site Hydrogen Generation and Control


Aguirre Thermo Electric Power Plant


Power Plant


Puerto Rico

The Challenge

The electric power plant relied on stored hydrogen to supply its two 450 MW generators with enough hydrogen gas to cool them. This meant maintaining a tank with 75,000 scf of hydrogen gas near Aguirre at a refill cost of $8,625 per month. Plus, deliveries took three to four days. So if the hydrogen-cooled plant ran out of hydrogen, it threatened to shut down the turbine-generators — and disrupt Puerto Rico’s critical electricity supply.

The Solution

Proton OnSite provided a H series hydrogen gas generator to improve plant operation. Only requiring water and electricity to produce ultrapure hydrogen gas on-site,  the unit eliminated the need for delivered gases. Proton OnSite's StableFlow® hydrogen control system managed gas purity, dew point and pressure to maximize generating efficiency.