Hydrogen Generator Ensures Consistent Rubber Chemical Production


PMC Rubber Chemicals


Chemical Processing



The Challenge

Hydrogen is a raw material used for production of 6PPD used in tire industries. PMC Rubber Chemicals previously sourced hydrogen via delivery methods from two chemical plants. One of the plants shut down due to pollution norms and gas supply from the second hydrogen provider was irregular. These external events forced staggering production capacity at PMC Rubber Chemicals. The management team began to explore various methods of hydrogen generation to improve operation.  

The Solution

On-site hydrogen generation was the selected method of choice for gas sourcing due to its benefits of convenience and consistency. Proton OnSite provided a C30 hydrogen generator as a "fit and forget" type of module for PMC Rubber Chemicals. The unit works automatically, when required in the operation. Maintenance is minimal with no chemical handling necessary. The customer was especially enthusiastic about the fact that safety interlocks are implemented in the C30 equipment.