Hydrogen Leak Detection for Heat Exchange Process


Zamil Air Conditioners


Leak Detection


Saudi Arabia

The Challenge

Zamil staff evaluated the pros and cons of delivered gas or alternative methods of gas supply, such as on-site gas generation, for coil leak testing of air conditioning equipment. The team required hydrogen for this process, but felt concerned about the unreliability of supply associated with delivered gases and the risks of exposure to high pressure hydrogen bottles (150barg) stored at the facility. These factors, along with site adaption requirements, pushed the staff to opt for an on-site gas generation solution.

The Equipment Supplied

• Fully integrated plug-in H4 (4Nm3/h) PEM H2 generator.
• H2 / N2 gas mixer to supply 5% / 95% gas mixture to the testing stand.
• Installed in a small ventilated building.

The Solution

Proton OnSite provided a fully integrated system delivering hydrogen only when required by the process. The solution, a H4 hydrogen generator, prevented any risk of exposure to stored gasses, ensuring facility and personnel safety. In addition, this alternative hydrogen source simplified installation requirements and allowed for a steady stream of hydrogen at controlled pricing.