Proton OnSite M Series hydrogen generation system


M Series

The M Series systems utilize PEM technology to produce high volume hydrogen consistently on-site. With efficiency in mind, they sense demand and automatically adjust production accordingly. Featuring a scalable modular design, these systems are turnkey solutions that are well-suited for a variety of industrial and renewable energy applications. 

Take your operation to the next level.

Details & Specifications
  M Series

Flow Rate

Nm3/hr @ 0°C, 1 bar

SCF/hr @ 70°F, 1 atm

SLPM @ 70°F, 1 atm

kg per 24 hours


100 - 400+

3970 - 15882

1874 - 7495

225 - 902

Purity 99.9995%
Output Pressure 15 barg (218 psig) / 30 barg (435 psig)


  • 0-100% variable output 
  • > 99% availability  
  • Cold start less than 5 minutes 
  • Full ramp up/ramp down in seconds  
  • Indoor or outdoor options 
  • Instantaneous response to variable requirements  
  • Remote monitoring and control  
  • Low maintenance 


  • Power Plant
  • Semiconductor
  • Material Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Leak Detection
  • LFL
  • Renewable Energy Storage
  • Biogas Processing
  • Fueling
  • Backup Power
  • Power-to-gas
  • Fuel Cell

Key Features

heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Removes excess heat from system to ensure proper operation.


Water Circulation Pump

Circulates D.I. water through the system.

combustible gas sensors

Combustible Gas Detector

Detects hydrogen leakage in the system.

Cell Stack

Cell Stack

Generates hydrogen and oxygen from water using PEM technology.


HGMS (Hydrogen Gas Management System)

Manages the flow, pressure, temperature and dryness of hydrogen gas.

Oxygen Phase Separator

Oxygen Phase Separator

Separates gaseous oxygen from water exiting the cell stack.

Hydrogen Phase Separator

Hydrogen Phase Separator

Separates gaseous hydrogen from water exiting the cell stack.