The N250M/ N400M  generators utilize membrane technology to produce high purity nitrogen from external compressed air sources. Available in both wall-mountable and floor-stand configurations, the generators are space-saving solutions that maintain quiet and steady operation. 

Take your lab to the next level.

Details & Specifications
  N250M N400M
Flow Rate (SLPM) 250 400
Max Input Air Flow Rate (SLPM)  600 1200
Output Pressure 7 barg (100 psig) 
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  • Load following 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Maintenance reminders 
  • Floor stand solutions available


  • LCMS

Key Features


air inlet manifold

Air Inlet Manifold

Distributes inlet air to multiple membrane separators. 

air inlet filter

Inlet Air Filter

Provides filtration for inlet air.

Air Inlet Port

Inlet Air Port

Mechanical interface for inlet air.

Inlet pressure gauge

Pressure Gauge 

Displays inlet air pressure. 

nitrogen membrane separators

Nitrogen Membrane Separators 

Separates nitrogen from air utilizing a polymer membrane. 

Nitrogen outlet manifolds

Nitrogen Outlet Manifolds 

Consolidates nitrogen membrane outlet gas stream. 

nitrogen outlet port

Nitrogen Outlet Port

Mechanical interface for product nitrogen.

pressure gauge

Pressure Gauge

Displays nitrogen outlet pressure. 

pressure regulator

Pressure Regulator

Sets nitrogen outlet pressure. 

product filter

Product Filter

Provides filtration for nitrogen product gas.